"The Black Carpet" & Why?

BET AWARDS: the "Black Carpet Affair"

So last night was the BET Awards and they were pretty good. And I am very happy to say that E! FINALLY reported from the red carpet before the show began. I have always wondered why the BET Awards were never covered on their Red Carpet Series and now I can stop complaining. However, the segment was only thirty minutes comparted to the three hours that the Oscars and Golden Globes had (including after party coverage and so on) but Rome wasn't built in a day right? It was still very interesting to watch nonetheless..

Some of the highlights of the show:
1.) Nick Cannon and Corbin Bleu presenting together and their cute little "banter".
2.) All of Destiny's Child was on stage again although for a brief moment I thought Solange was LaToya Luckett and I started freaking out
3.) "Like A Boy" is possibly one of the greatest songs ever. Everyone should listen to it.
4.) Monique and Beyonce dancing together and Mo was lookin "FIERCE" in that red dress!
5.) Two amazingly sexy words...Robin...Thicke. The man is perfect.
6.) J. Hud and J.Hol performed together!! I missed it but I heard that it was pretty awesome.
7.) T.I vs T.I.P.....can i have both of 'em?

Beyonce and Mo dancing together during a mix of "Get Me Bodied"
Robin surrounded by ladies while performing "Lost Without U"
with a Latin Spin. For some reason...I am jealous of Paula Patton..wonder why?
T.I. Is just looking Amazing as usual.

Speaking of the BET Awards, sometimes our favorite celebs can go astray...or theirs stylists were stillh hung over from the previous night's festivities. Por instance...what the hell was Vivica A. Fox thinking???? SHE looked HORRIBLE!! Her hair looked extremely store bought and the tiny little gold thing with the little cutout thingies was nooooot cute!! So instead of cutting her down and praying for the immediate termination of her stylist, I will offer some tidbits of advice for ailing "diva" and maybe just maybe she will stumble across my little ole blog and see this advice and it will save her. So let's proceed.

What were you thinking????

Let's go through a couple steps here that will lead our ailing "fashionista" to a full fashion comeback in the future.
Step One: Fashion Police-let's rag on this outfit so badly that it will make the designer want to slit their wrists with their trimming shears for ever designing it. It speaks for itself...so let's move on.
Step Two: Fashion Conviction-I hearby charge Vivica A. Fox with the maltreatment of a Reynolds No Mess Oven Bag. She is charged on three counts of aggravated aluminum foil (which she spray painted gold) assault and one count of intentional misuse of beads and sequins. No court date has been set at the moment.
Step Three: Fashion Rehab-Let's offer this poor thing a little advice. For one, if you're going to wear a minidress make sure it actually flatters your body!!! Sure, it shows off her great legs but the long sleeves aren;t working (IT IS JUNE VIVICA) and her chest looks ENORMOUS. The plunging neckline screams "Late Night special at body tap" and not "esteemed black actress at the BET Awards." Let's keep it classy next time Viv. The shoes are nice. But that's about it
Step Four:Full fashion recovery. Next time you're about to go to an awards show Viv, try wearing something more glamorous and attractive. You can still be sexy and not look like an Egyptian stripper while doing it.

Try a nice flowy dress (that is totally appropriate for the hot summer months)
like this Roberto Cavalli number
With a great pair of shoes and a nice SIMPLE hairstyle (unlike the severe bangs and curled ends of a la a 1940s pin up girl) you can stun the press and your peers with an effortlessly amazing red or black carpet look.

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FashionStarDome said...

Love the last pic! Cavalli dress is gorgeous and sexy! Bellisimo!!