album review: here we go again

Demi Lovato is definitely no stranger to "La La Land". As a girl she co-starred in Barney & Friends with bestie Selena Gomez, she has starred in the Disney Original film Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers, has her own TV show on Disney, and has already released two albums--by the way she's only 16!! Sure it may seem as if Disney is pimping her to the tween population of the world, but this girl actually has talent. She can sing--a talent that seems to come few and far between among her other Disney peers. Her debut album, Don't Forget, is cute and poppy with a few notable tracks here and there--something that is not surprising since the Jonas Brothers helped her write the album. However, her sophomore album, Here We Go Again, is a little more mature. This time around Demi had help from the musical and twitter crazed bad boy, John Mayer. And you can definitely hear his influence in this album in songs like "Falling Over Me" and "World of Chances". However, Demi embodies her inner Kelly Clarkson in the album's namesake "Here We Go Again" and brings the jazzy neo-soul feel of Maroon 5 to her track "Every Time You Lie". Of course it's still the same 16 year old girl singing about love, heartbreak, and friendship, she has definitely grown as an artist. Her songs resonate with people of all ages and Disney celeb skeptics should give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Falling Over You" will have you singing along and the emotion in Demi's voice will have you "hoping, waiting, and praying" right along with her.

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Patrick said...

If I was Miley, I would kill this bitch super quick!!! You're career is on the line Miley!!! If you let Demi stay around any longer, she is going to steal your career just like Alicia Silverstone got robbed by Brittany Murphy, then Brittany kinda lost it too.... Sad Day...