gwyenth paltrow...please stfu

I get a lot of inspiration for my blogs from fellow gossip bloggers like perez.hilton and dlisted com (dlisted being my all time favorite in the world! It's hilarious!) They give me the dirt and the dish then I add my own spin to things. Well we share a few things in common and one if them is our mutual dislike of Gwyneth Paltrow. She is pretentious and annoying and just says shit that really makes you want to yell "Yo Gwyen! I am politely asking you to STFU!!!" My personal favorite ice bitch comment of hers was when she said her chef bestie Mario Batalli was too fat and she wanted to take him to her personal trainer because you see she does not like fat people--and he's her only fat friend. True life...I kid you not. Even if it didn't come straight from the bitch's mouth, it sounds like something she would say.

But now she is talking about how so many people are grateful that her narcissistic blog/newsletter GOOP is free.

“People are so grateful that it’s free. It’s just nice to share what you have. And I have all this great information. It’s just a gift. People want me to do all this other stuff. But right now, I just really love doing the site. I love thinking about the letters, what I’m going to write about, what kind of information we can put in there.
"I have all this great information. It's just a gift" Seriously?
Ok, everyone say it with me! "Yo Gywen, please please please pleeeaaaassseee STFU!"

I've looked at GOOP and its full of expensive ass clothes and tips that only people like Oprah and Madonna could afford. Sorry Gwyen, but us little folks don't have $4,000 to shell out for sessions with Hollywood personal trainers. Here in Normalville its a little thing called Gold's Gym. So I think you need to get a one way plane ticket to Reality Check, USA for so you can realize no one gives sh*t.

If you are willing to torture yourself, take a look at one her latest posts on GOOP.

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