thank you seth rogen

Seth Rogen has finally spoken up about Katherine Heigl's ungrateful and rude comments about Knocked Up. He and writer/director Judd Apatow was on Howard Stern's XM radio show when someone asked about Heigl's comments that Knocked Up was sexist and depicted the female characters as shrews. (FYI Heigl, Leslie Mann is hilarious and she played the role very well. She was even crazier than your character and you don't hear her complaining) He claims she is a big fat hypocrite because her newest film, The Ugly Truth, smells an awful lot like a feminist flick [[more on this later]] But it doesn't stop there, when asked about her recent strife with the media, Rogen said this:

“I gotta say it’s not like we’re the only people she said some batsh*t crazy things about. That’s kind of her bag now.”
Ha! He is so right! Heigl has lost it over the past couple of years and she is no longer the media darling. For instance she declined an Emmy nomination because she felt her material wasn't Emmy worthy Seriously who the f turns down an Emmy nomination? Well if your name is Katherine Heigl then you are more than willing to do that---and then enter yourself in the running a year later--only to get turned down!!! HA! Heigl has turned into a self-righteous crazy woman that so far up on her high horse she can't realize she's being a major BEYOTCH! A word of advice honey, don't bite the hand that feeds you...duuhhhhhh!!

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BEASLEY said...

I really likes yo blog!!

Patrick said...

Ugh. Katherine HAGGEL needs to kindly STFU!!! I can't wait until she is a bag lady on the side of the street who can't score a role.