these people make me sick

The biggest famewhores in the history of forever are at it again! Heidi and Spencer Pratt were out shopping in LA yesterday and decided to stop into the Kitson kid's store. They then proceeded to pose with baby clothes and stuff animals. and sealed their whoring performance with a **fakeass** kiss--which caused half the world to go blind in the process. Now I really don't like talking about these jackasses but when I saw the pics on I had to say something! No one gives two sh*ts about these two whorebots and God forbid they ever procreate, because if they do then the son of the devil will truly walk the earth. However, below is clip of my personal hero, Al Roker, ripping these two twats a new one an interview from last month. **cue Hallelujah Chorus**


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One Response to “these people make me sick”

Patrick said...

Just let me know. I would kindly put a bullet into these two. God knows a social death would not kill these celebrity cockroaches, obviously we need to move onto something a little more... to the point.