twilight dramz is in the air

It has recently been announced that redheaded stunner Rachelle Lefevre will be replaced as Victoria in the Twilight Saga movies! For all of you who have been living under a rock for the past year and a half, Twilight is pretty much the biggest thing to hit the teen scene in a while (It's not just for teens though), but its basically a love story about a super hot (Edward...*sigh*) vegetarian vampire that falls in love with a pretty average human girl named Bella.

Anyways, one of the main threats to Bella and Edward's is the evil vampire Victoria --enter Rachelle Lefevre--who wants revenge on the lovers since Edward killed her man candy in the first book/movie. Rachel was pretty fierce as Victoria and brought her character to life better than some of her peers **coughcoughkristenstewart**. But that didn't stop Summit from randomly replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard (she played Mrs. Connor in Terminator Salvation). Rachelle is in the first two films, but will not be able to play a role in the most important film for her character, Eclipse. According to Lefevre's people, this is a total shock and she thought Summit was willing to work with her schedule--she would be gone for 10 days while filming another movie in Italy. Yea that's it...10 days! You can fit in principal photography in 10 days--they could at least start shooting other scenes. And they're saying she had a contract with Summit and the last time I checked breaking a contract means a lawsuit is sure to follow....unless there was some tiny tiny print that said they could replace her at a whim.

And no offense to BDH, but recasting characters in the middle of a saga is pretty janky, even though Rachelle wasn't one of the main ones. Now if they were to recast Edward (which is very very very very unlikely...I'm sure Summit likes their hot cash cow), Twihards across the world would protest and riot in the streets. It's that seriously...Twihards are intense! I'm sure more dirt will surface as this goes on and we are almost certain there is a lawsuit in the air.

Either way, we wish you all the luck in the world Rachelle! You're still pretty awesome in our book!


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One Response to “twilight dramz is in the air”

Patrick said...

1.) Lay of my Kristen...

2.) Wtf did she do to make the crazy ass twilight people fire her ass? You KNOW that is what happened. Scheduling issues my ASS. I have not heard about her having any other jobs. Must research.