ugly betty is that you?

After three seasons of the adorable geeky-not-quite-chic Ugly Betty, there are whispers in the halls that America Ferrera's Ugly Betty is going to get a glamazon makeover!! ABC really wants to bring a new look to the show (aka revitalize ratings) and they feel the Top Model treatment for Betty is just what the Nielsen ratings ordered. According to, ABC has been conducting focus groups that have highlighted Betty's new look.

"In particular, execs are showing test audiences two scenes from early in the season, both featuring a newly glamorized Betty working at her new job as Mode’s associate features editor. In one, she’s rocking a Chanel-esque pastel pink suit; in the other, she’s sporting a short-sleeved black dress with a ruffled V-neck."
In addition to the clothes, they are also testing to see how audiences respond to a complete beauty make-over as well, including hair, eyebrows, and make-up [[gasp!! no more braces?!?!?!]]. From what I'm hearing it seems like America Ferrera will be playing Betty but looking like her natural gorgeous self. I think it's a good idea and I would love to see what they do with it, but they have to remember not to get too crazy or they risk losing die-hard fans. And you do not want to piss the fans off--Twihards are the perfect example of that.

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One Response to “ugly betty is that you?”

Jasmine Alyce said...

They should give her a make-over!! but then what about the title? Pretty Betty doesnt have that much of a ring to it...