I recently saw the movie Orphan that so many sensitive a$$ adoptive parents are whining about and I thought to myself "This is a totally harmless scary movie...why do people always have to find stuff to bi%ch about?" The movie itself was pretty good. Your classic story of a creepy, killer child ( which, in MY book, make the BEST scary CAN be pretty freaky...seeing ghosts and sh!t) .The plot twist( which I will not give away...look that sh!t up somewhere else, but on this blog, we do not kill dreams) was not predictable but not as mind-blowing as some plot twists can be, so all in all the only thing that I saw that there was to be pissed at was the total stupidity and obliviousness of the father of the bunch (played by Peter Saarsgard...a very good actor when it comes to being convincing on being aloof and stupid). SO adoptive parents around the world, stop your belly-aching. No one should think ill of adoptive kids because of one movie. When have scary movies changed the world THAT much? People still had children after seeing Rosemary's Baby, people still moved after seeing all 10 of The Amityville Horror movies, people still slept after Nightmare on Elm Street and last time I checked hockey was still a sport after Jason's ugly a$$ in Friday the 13th so WHY o annoying-big-hearted-i-wanna-criticize-everyone else-who-doesn't-have-a-kid-from-the-kiddie-mall people are you BIT@HIN!!!????

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