anderson cooper: public hero #1

So I know it's been a while [[i'm sorry has just started]], but I could not resist posting about this video of Anderson Cooper. For all of you that don't care know, Heidi Montag performed [[that term should be used very loosely]] at the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant. She's basically trying to copy Brit Brit circa the 2000 VMAs with the striptease and the flesh colored body suit that looks like Edward Cullen just sneezed all over it. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but if I were Brit Brit, I would hunt this skank down and bitch slap her with my nasty weave. No one can pull of the flesh colored bodysuit but Britney! Nobody!

Basically it was a hot mess...acutally hot mess does not even begin to describe the trainwreck that took place. Girlfriend did not have her lip syncing down and her "dance" moves were TERRIBLE! I'm pretty sure anyone with half of a brain cell could do those moves. It kind of reminded me of that old school Disney movie called Pixel Perfect, where the singer girl was "dancing" and it basically a bunch of twirls and sh*t. Well Heidi nailed that! Anyways, I digress, in the video below Anderson Cooper basically asks "who the f is this bitch?" ok so maybe not like that but he might as well have.

Coops, be prepared for Heidi to call you out on Ryan Seacrest's show and say you're a bad bad man and women shouldn't feel safe around you. Al Roker also called this irrelevant famewhore out and that's what she said about him.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Anderson Cooper and Heidi is a damn fool!

Love reading!