edward + bella 4ever?

So J.Alyce and I were talking this morning about some things and have both decided that we want to know what the heck is going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Ewwwwart (sorry, I couldn't resist). There have been rumors, here has been speculation, and there have been tips...but c'mon you guys this just isn't good enough for us! If they really are together then I guess that's all good and dandy but we want to know what happened to her bf before she met R-Pattz. If Ewwwwart really did leave the poor guy for one of the most desired men ever then he's got to be brooding somewheres. So we say, c'mon out dude and DISH! We want to know already! He has no ties to Summit [[supposedly the head honchos at the studio are agaisnt co-star on co-star loving and have done a lot of work & threatening to keep happenings on the set on the hush hush]] and clearly doesn't have any ties to Kristen anymore. And if it all comes out in ze open then Twihards across the world will:

a.) scream their loudly girlie screams in exultation because "Edward" and "Bella" are finally together
b.) scream their loud girlie screams in hatred because "Edward--the most perfect man ever" and "that bitch" are together.

  • She lies!! She lies I say!!!
  • Btw some people take the whole Edward+Bella thing a little too seriously! Take this site devoted to them for instance...uh guys in case you forgot, they are just characters in a book...
  • Speaking of obsession, Eonline is quite unhealthy when it comes to the Twilight cast. Almost every other post by Ted Casablanca is about Robsten this and Robsten that. Dude unless they are forcing you to cover this menial shizz @ E! please proceed to get a life....muchas gracias!

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