He Takes the "NO" Out of Leno

If you haven't heard, the Crimson Chin aka Jay Leno is scheduled to come back to late night to give it what its been missing...a chin-up, if you will( sorry I couldn't resist)and who has he already booked that even B. Walt hasn't pulled off yet? Mrs. Umbrella herself...Rihanna. She will be doin her first post-beat down appearance with him along with Jay-Z and Kanye West performing their new single "Run This Town" together (which isn't so bad once you get past Re-re's annoying, whiny vocals....its ok girl, you can still dress...most of the time). The talk show is set to air Sept 14 and will not be the same as his old set up. One big change...He will be STANDING UP FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE SHOW...wow. Thats reeeeaaaalllyyy cool...wonder what other amazing surprises that man will pull out of his cleft?


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