So as you may know today is the day where various men's websites are blacklisting Megan Fox...PERSONALLY I think thats the dumbest thing ever...and I know guys can be dumb but seriously? Taking one of the most beautiful girls out there off your website because you think he is overexposed? COME ON! Now, I LOVE men, but even I must admit that she is possibly one of the coolest most beautiul women walking this planet and the day men decide that she is too many places at the same time is the day all women everywhere have cause for serious concern. If they don't want to look at her, then what's the fate of all the normal, slightly pretty girls? Or the girls that are beautiful, but not THAT beautiful? Oh, and ugly girls...you're DEFINITELY done for. So men, get over it. The woman will be pretty for many years to come and she will be everywhere for many years to come so you will just have to tolerate it...I mean Dang...I WISH you all were this mobile when it came to Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan...but nnooooooo....you disgust me.

You Men are seriously tired of this??? Wow....

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