I'll Take CLASSIC Movie Make-Overs Over the New CRAP They Dream Up Now ANYDAY!!!

I have found out some more movie information that has legitimately excited me! There will be two puppet-y remakes that will be coming out in the next two years that are gonna revert me so far back into my childhood that I may need a time machine to bring me back. Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal are having sequels released within the next couple of years, hopefully by 2011.

The Fraggle Rock sequel does not have much information about it released yet. Only that it will take place in "outer space" which to the lil cuties is simply and literally the space outside of their cave where we (the real people) exist.

The Dark Crystal sequel has a little more information on it available. The title will be Power of the Dark Crystal and will take place a few centuries after the original film left off (which is fine because that's about how long they have taken to get this sequel together so its like real-time). Some of the older characters will be re-introduced, like the main pair from the original film:

Kira and Jen

But in the sequel they will be King Jen and Queen Kira and look like this:

(Yea I know, that's pretty cool...and yes I am a bit of a dork...but aren't we all?)

But BASICALLY, There is a girl made of fire who wants to take a piece of the crystal back to her people so that they can live (her race is dying), King Jen and Queen Kira say no ( They aren't mean, they just don't want havoc to be wrought...see: The Dark Crystal but basically she takes it anyway and the story details her adventure to fix what she jacked up.

I know they just better bring Fizz-gig back...

More info on both can be found at: MTV.com

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