it should be called the "tween" choice awards

The Teen Choice Awards were filmed this past weekend and when I saw this article on eonline, I knew that the kiddies from ages 11-19 really might be a little braindead. Twilight took most of the awards home **big shocker there** but it's the actual awards the film won that has me cringing in my ergonomic desk chair. For instance, the lovely and talented surefire star on the rise [note the dripping sarcasm in my typing] Kristen Stewart took home Best Actress.

Yes, Kristen Stewart.

Now don't be alarmed we are not talking about the Oscars or the Golden Globes here but it's still a WTF moment? Stewart was up against St.Angie for her role in Changeling [she did amazing but kids don't care if Brad's not in it or if she's not shooting someone], Beyonce for her role in Obsessesed [I would have actually been OK with this because B kicked Ali Larter's ASS in this movie and that one scene makes the Lace-wig diva worthy of a big surfboard], Frieda Pinto for her role in Slumdog Millionaire [ya'll already know how I feel about her! I love her!] and Nicole Kidman for her role in Australia [I heard it wasn't her best work but it's Nicole Kidman for goodness sake!]. So this goes to prove that kids will follow the trends even despite the talent [or lack thereof] of the nominees. It makes sense though, Twilight is bigger than anything we've seen in a long time and the little kiddies are going to go for what makes sense. Stewart's character was canoodling with possibly the hottest and most romantic vampire of all time, R.Pattz won for Best Actor, so it makes sense to bring her along for the matter how dry her acting was. Now I'm not going to lie, I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart as Bella and I admitted that in the first 15 minutes of watching Twilight. She's just too dull in my opinion and I know that many many people share my sentiments. Not trying to knock her acting skills [ok I lie] but I've only seen her in two I suppose I will give her a chance. But New Moon doesn't come out until November so until then little miss is on the chopping block.

However, Stewart's win wasn't the only LOL moment. I was browsing through the list of winners and saw that Lauren Conrad won for Reality/Variety Female for The Hills which is hilarious to me because it's THE HILLS!!! Seriously kids? Seriously? If you're gonna go all the way you better go all the way! Ya'll better chose the biggest trainwreck slutty mess that has ever graced reality television aka any of the girls from the Vh1 dating shows. I also noticed that there was alarming number of Tweeny Boppers on the winners list including woman-child Miley Cyrus' alter-ego Hannah Montanah, the Jonas Brothers, characters from Disney Movies and Shows. But it was strange because there were a few risque late-night shows like Chelsea Lately and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List thrown in. Are these kids of 25 year olds voting here? Either way, the kiddies of America need a serious culture makeover if they are going to make it in this world. Well with the way things are going, it's looking like second rate actresses will someday upstage the true stars and Disney programming shall rule the world.

For a complete list of winners click here.

Below is the most interesting pic from the red-carpet. It's of SIXTEEN year old Miley Cyrus looking like a straight up Vegas streetwalker. But remember she loves Jesus ya'll! I've added a pic from the 2008 awards just so ya'll can do a little game of spot the virgin differences.
Update: I was surfing the net and found out that Little Miss Cyrus was also all up on the pole during her performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Monkey see, Monkey do right?
Image: AP Images

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