jumper 2 just announced!!!!!!!!!

So my friend Patrick was asking me a few hours ago why they haven't started talking about making a sequel to the 2008 Sci-Fi thriller Jumper. I was telling him that they were going to see how the first film did in the box office [it did well] and then decided to make a second installment based upon the numbers. Well that was a year ago and I did not hear or see any proof until I check imdb almost immediately after having that discussion with Patrick--only to see that the sequel has been announced by director, Doug Liman, on imdb. I can't see anymore information because I don't have imdb pro [[but I was awfully tempted to do the 14 day trial just to get more information]]. So I had to for the next best thing...google! I found this post on another blog and I got some good information and a lot of insight from the Doug Liman!

Click here for the original interview with Liman with Craveonline.

Needless to say I am aslo really excited because I absolutely lovvvveeee♥ Hayden Christensen!!! The film is slated to hit the silver screen in 2011. That's a long time, but I am willing to wait!!

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