lindsay lohan needs a new day job

LiLo may have FINALLY gotten a role in a movie [yes a real life movie and not a spanish commerical] but in the meantime, b*tch is busy gracing the cover of all sorts of magazines. First she still thinks she's the new-age Marilyn Monroe [wrong] and now I see she is on the cover of the UK version of ELLE. So I thought that cover girls were supposed to be fashion forward people who were doing things with their lives--not constantly fighting with your lesbean lover and ruining your Hollywood reputation. Nevertheless, this poor trainwreck of a girl is sluttin it up for the pages of ELLE. I don't even know how they came up with enough material for the story. What did they even have to talk about? Her 35 16 year old sister? Her manager mom? Her stalking "relationship" with Samantha Ronson? Needless to say, I miss the red-headed pre-blow, pre-lesbian, pre-alcolhism, pre-effin crazy Lindsay Lohan.

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