reasons why perez hilton is a douchebag

So I'm not going to lie, I read like I read all my other blogs, but none of them rub me the wrong way like he does and I feel guilty for reading his sh*t when I know I don't like him...oh the dilemma. Well once again he has gone on talking about plus-sized people. He calls Mariah Carey Mooriah and has made fun of Kirstie Alley and her struggle with her weight and has called the gorgeous and no where near being over weight Khloe Kardashian fat. Now he was gone and attacked Kimberly Locke and calling her many things like a "chubster" and "loser". First of all, he used to be fat himself so I don't know what his problem is...but it's sounding like a little case of self-hatred. He gets on my nerves with this and I really wish one of the people he attacks would call him out and knock him down a few pegs. He's also a hypocrite and narcissist...queen of all media my A$$!!!

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