style file: lanna ♥'s forever 21 obsession

In case you guys have not noticed, I am madly in love with an amazing clothing line/store called Forever 21. It has the cutest and trendiest clothes on the market and best of all they are AFFORDABLE [[and for a broke college student, affordable is the best word in the English language]] But get this guys...the clothes are not cheap! They are made really well and will last you a long time. Now back in the day when F21 was first entering the scene, the clothes were a little shoddy and cheaply made. But now they are on their game and make quality clothes for all of us budget fashionistas out there. Another great thing about Forever 21 is the fact they release new clothes EVERY DAY...yes that's right....EVERY DAY!

They have different brands like Heritage 1981 [similar to American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, with a little bit of American Apparel thrown in], Twelve by Twelve [their LA based line that is more avant garde than the rest of their clothes and very classy], Love 21 [which they describe as their contemporary line], and Faith 21 [their plus-size line].

Forever 21 has also started a new promotional line similar to GoInternational by Target and it's called Forever 21 Twist. They have new themed lines created every 4 weeks. I've already blogged about their first one, Cirque 21. So yea...Forever 21 is basically the best thing to happen to my closet && the worst to happen to my wallet!

Below are a few sets highlighting my personal style [I love wearing all black and I'm also very girlie and love cute graphic t-shirts, florals, creams, pinks, and gold] featuring Forever 21 items. Btw they also have their own blog called The Skinny that includes styling tips, insider scoop on new clothes, and more.

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