tim burton is pissed he didn't think of this

It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio needs something to do in his free time between starring in movies and trying to save the environment. His indie production company, Appian Way, partnering with screenwriter David Leslie Johnson [ credits include Orphan] to create a dark re-make of Little Red Riding Hood. Yes, THE Little Red Riding Hood. We have no idea how the story would be re-told but we're very excited to see what kind of twist we can bring to the ages old bedtime story, that normally ends happily for the human characters. Maybe it will be conceptualized into a live action film where the BBW [Big Bad Wolf] is actually a man and Little Red isn't quite so little and she falls in love with him? IDK. If that's not dark, I don't know what is. And I really think Tim Burton might be ticked when he hears about this. Sure he may have Alice on his hands for now but a dark retelling of a fairy tale is right up his alley. Who knows, DiCaprio may even get Burton to direct the film.

source: variety

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