twilight is the mr. & ms. smith 2.0

Uh oh, Jennie Garth might be in trouble with her hubby, Peter Facinelli [Dr. Cullen] when he hears about this! During an event earlier in NYC, she spilled to the paps that RPattz is dating one of his co-stars but she can't say who.

“I can’t say [who it is] because that would be breaking my promise to [my husband Peter], but he is dating one of them!” Jennie told The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher recently at the TJ Maxx’s Save the Children charity event in NYC." access hollywood
Aww poor thing prob just wanted to make herself relevant since 90210 isn't on the air right now. Too bad Faccinelli might really go vampire on her ass for spilling this. I hope she doesn't expect him to tell her anything related to the Twilight cast anymore. We can all make a pretty educated guess and go on and assume that Rob's lucky lady is none other than Kristen Stewart. They've been spotted together numerous times and it's pretty much expected to happen. If it really is Nikki Reid, then have all been thrown for a huge loop! That would actually be pretty funny if that was the case. Then all the Robsten fans will have nothing to live for...they will have to turn in Nikert fans.

I dunno about you guys, but this is sounding like another Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie set to me. Kristen and Rob find love while shooting a film, although Kristen was previously linked to another [Michael Angarano]. Sadly, Michael is the new Jen, while Rob is Angie. Although, according to reports on, Michael and Kristen have quitely broken up and maybe it was on good terms, because he hasn't spilled the beans yet. So maybe he's not as miffed as poor Jen was when Brad left her hanging. Who knows? I guess we shall just have to wait and see!

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