wtf news: august 11, 2009

"Minnie is NOT amused"

I was just doing a little browsing on the news sites this morning, when I came across this crazy ass story on CNN. Apparently, some grampa-person thought it would be cute to feel up Minnie Mouse while visiting Disney world with the youngins. He allegedly groped her butt and chest! For shame! How the f do you assualt Minnie? Mickey and Walt Disney himself should come and kick that guy's old perverted ass! Then at the trial the douchebag's even douchier lawyer had the nerve to say "It doesn't matter if she was grabbed. She's just a mouse." Um newsflash buddy, there are PEOPLE in the costumes! Last time I checked the cartoon version of Minnie Mouse wasn't just waltzing around Disneyworld lookin for a good time with a man while he's with his grandkids! The only thing that man should be groping is an unopened Wether's Original!

Just sickening....

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