Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Hello lovely readers! First, I would like to deeply apologize for my prolonged absence over this past urr...year or so. I have been so busy with school and internships that I have not had any time to write....anything. But now I'm a graduate that's on the prowl for a job meaning I have plenty of time to write now and I'm so excited! This summer is going to be great and I can already tell I'm going to have a lot to talk about. Since I have been M.I.A since September, I'm just going to do quick list of my favorite entertainment stories over the past few months.

1. This Justin Bieber Fever phenomenon. I think it is really interesting how he steps out on the scene after Chris Brown basically ruined his chances of having any shows outside of local skating rinks. I personally think the Biebs is adorable and I like his sound--his sound reminds me of Sammie and his songs bring be back to the good ole skating rink days. Anyways, you can hate him or love him but this songster definitely has staying power.

2. Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars. I never really watched DWTS until I heard about how horrible the mom of eight was doing and then I had to watch and needless to say, she was terrible! I really don't understand how she lasted as long as she did on the show but us Americans have a fetish for watching things that are clearly bad for our health and brains i.e. Jersey Shore....

3. Hoe husbands on the prowl. First it was Tiger Woods with his massive line up of side pieces...he honestly could have started his own call girl business with all those women he was entertaining. Then enter Jesse James, stage left, with is Neo-Nazi tattoo festooned lover and of course if there's one, there are more. And then you've got David Boreanaz who recently admitted he cheated on his wife with Rachel Uchitel (I'll get to her later). Well there you have it ladies and gents, the trifecta of sleazy husbands.

4. Smart wives that stick it to their hoe husbands. Ok, so Elin Woods already gained goon status after she went after her cheating Tiger with one of his own golf clubs. I applaud you Elin for your guts. But after Tiger refused to stay out of the limelight, it looks as if Mrs. Woods is about to walk away with a big chunk of the golf star's $$. After Sandra Bullock found out about her husband's straying ways, she hid from media attention and then suddenly announces a few months later that she has a.) adopted a baby boy from New Orleans and b.) filed for divorce from Jesse James. She plans to raise the baby on her own and Jesse has relinquished all rights. As for Boreanaz's wife, sources say she's staying with him but I think she'll change her mind after more hoes pop ouf of the woodwork Sorry honey, but if he's messed around with a skeeze like Rachel Uchitel then he has more women on the side. She's like the homewrecking gold medal winner and clearly has an all-star homewrecking team on her side.

5. Ricky Martin is gay! OMG I HAD NO IDEA! Insert side-eye here. I mean not to be mean, but I don't think anyone really cared much about his sexual orientation since most people have probably already guessed and it doesn't help that he makes this announcement in the midst of some of the biggest scandals of the year. Now if he announced he was gay and his lover was one of the aforementioned hoe husbands...then THAT would be a story. Sorry Ricky, but you're going to have to take a trip down Relevancy Rd. and come up with something better than, "I'm Gay! Although you guys probably already knew that"

Ok so that's about all I have for now but of course there were many more stories over the course of these few months. If you guys want to hear my comments on any stories I missed please let me know and I'll make it happen.

One love bebes.

♥ lanna

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