battle of the sexiest?

Remember when Halle Berry started dating the sexiest piece of man candy alive [[Canadian import/model, Gabriel Aubry]] and then went on to have an adorable bebe with said man candy? Remember when they suddenly announced they were breaking up after a few years together? Remember thinking Halle must be INSANE to let a fine man like that go? Well apparently she had good reason to. In the ongoing battle for custody for their adorable daugher Nahla [[please refrain from Lion King jokes--this is serious business]] some dirty laundry is being aired about both of the hot parents. Halle claims that Gabriel has a case of the John Mayers and has rained down rants full of the N-word a few times on her. And it totes doesn't help that another ex of the model du jour has claimed that he is a borderline racist. *Sigh* It's always those borderlines that piss me off. You know the ones that claim "I'm not racist! I totes had a baby with a black chick".

It always breaks my little heart to hear of sexy sexy men being closeted racists and part of me hopes this isn't true because it will totally kill the lady boner I have for him. But if it is...he will have to go in the naughty corner with Jonathan Rhys Myers--another sexy sexy man that likes to let the N-word slip in angry, alcohol fueled rages--and he will be there indefinitely. *Double Sigh*

However, Gabriel "Borderline Racist" Aubry is saying that Halle isn't exactly a walk in the park and rained down her own wrath when she saw pics of him out with Kim Kardashian right after their breakup. She apparently called, texted, and emailed him some craaaazy things i.e. "You were only good for one thing...Thanks for the donation."Ouch.

I get the feeling that it is only going to get messier from here. For a more conclusive look at what's been said between these two check this post on Who knows what other dirty deets are going to come out later during this custody battle. I feel really bad for the baby because she is just so cute, but luckily she's young and won't remember much.

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