Do YOU Love Gossip Girl...To Death???

Here at BGDG, we are a tad bit obsessed with a popular CW show. Yep, one of our guilty pleasures is diving into the world of Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck and the rest of the Upper East Side crew.

Word on the street is that Cecily Von Ziegesar is is that she decided to take a break from rolling in all of her dough, to write a Gossip Girl novel that will make it's biggest fans go "OMFG". See that picture up there? That's the actual title of the 14th book in the popular series. Looks like Gossip Girl is going psycho. Yep, Serena and Blair are set to become trendsetting killers (how is that even possible?)
Now where the hell she got this idea, I have no clue, but here is how she explained her decision:

“I have a sort of evil sense of humor and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a dark comedy—darker than the comedy that is already in Gossip Girl novels…New characters are brought in for the sake of dying. I did want this novel to be original, though it’s funny in that the first novel was very loosely based on The Age of Innocence, so in a way this is a mashup of a mashup.”

Hmmm..ok...we will hold out on any opinions about this one...Wait, do we ever hold out on any opinions? No. So here's mine: I'll pass.

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