BGDG 2.0: The Grand RE-Opening

Hey Dolls and Welcome (Back) To Our Page!

We have missed you all dearly and are so very sorry for our absence. We noticed that Hollywood has flipped the eff out and completely lost it's mind (here's looking at YOU Mama Snookie and K. Stew), so we decided it was time for us to come back into fold. Also, from our bag of tricks, we have a few new site features for you, like weekly recaps of some series' and a TV Fashion page where you can find outfits from your favorite shows, just to name a few.

Big Girls Don't Gossip ( is back, bigger and better than ever, so go be one of the first to follow us on Twitter (@WeDontGossip) and Pinterest ( and like us on Facebook ( so you can stay up to date on the latest Entertainment News and Fashion…because if you learn anything from us, it's that Big Girls Don't Gossip…They blog about it ;)

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