LeAnn Rimes Gets Treatment for "Stress and Anxiety" …

…which to me, is publicity code for NOT stress and anxiety but probably an eating disorder. According to Radar Online and Rimes' reps, the husband stealing singer "entered a 30-day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress." I call bullshit. Most people would turn to their families, friends, a hobby, a vacation, seek therapy on a monthly basis or any damn thing else.  Lee Ann has been looking like she's one strong gust from being blown away for some time now and I'm sure her career (or lack thereof), coupled with her controversial marriage (or lack thereof) has made things pretty tough. Boo hoo. I'm a big fan of people laying in the beds they make and maybe this "anxiety and stress" is simply karma telling you to come take a nap.

Whatever the real reason, I hope she finds whatever she's looking for…and I hope she finds a burger or two in the process.

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