The BetrAyal: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Theories

So the time has finally come for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. If you don't know what that is, you have been living under a rock and I suggest you get to Netflix now and catch up. It's a guilty pleasure of ours here at BGDG and after every episode we obsess over spoilers and theories. However,   J.Alyce and I have differing theories on what's going to happen in the summer finale. Here's our breakdown:

itsalanna's theories:

  • I really want Paige to be the betrAyer because she is damn crazy. But it's almost too obvious. I do think something is up with her and she is incredibly sketchy. Poor Emily cannot catch a break!
  • Well Nate is OBVIOUSLY not Maya's alleged cousin. I'm still not sure if he's her killer though. He has to be pretty damn bold to come back to the scene of the crime and watch it all unfold. I think that he is just crazy and couldn't let go of Maya. But who knows? That' the beauty of this show.
  • The scene where Hanna is crying--I think someone she cares about gets hurt and she thinks they're dead. I think it might be Mona because no one else is upset. And when the cop asks Emily if "the deceased was a friend of hers" she's basically catatonic and doesn't reply. It could also be Lucas because he's been really sketchy and Hanna has been trying to reach out to him. 
  • I think Mona was somehow involved with the accident because if you look at one of the sneak peeks, she answers the phone and looks scared. Then saying "I understand" like that? I think whoever was on the other end told her to do something incredibly dangerous.
  • I think that Jenna, Noel, and CeCe are all apart of the A-team. I think this goes with the theory that there are different "A's" for each of the liars. Mona was Hanna's but I think Jenna has taken over for her. CeCe is Spencer's and Noel's is Arias. And unfortunately, I think Paige is Emily's.
  • Wild Card theory--the audience finds out who the betrAyer is but the Liars won't know until the winter premiere or the first few episodes. I think that would be a great way to please viewers but to keep things suspenseful.
J.Alyce's theories:
  • I would be willing to bet my left baby toe that Nate is Maya's killer. Dude has been WAY too much of a creeper with Emily and Jenna and remembers thing NO ONE would remember about their cousin. I think Nate was Maya's True North stalker and A used him to help dispose of Maya after she found out that Alison has a twin something she wasn't supposed to know about Alison. Or maybe A was going to kill Maya and Nate just happened to get to her first. Either way...Nate did it and the glove WILL fit.
  • I think that Caleb MAY be the Betrayer, but I really hope not. I WANT it to be Paige but they've been building her up to be creepy for the last couple of episodes so that can't be it. Caleb  is my favorite boyfriend on the show and it would really crush my soul if this came to be...but alas, he has been sketchy this season. Between his nice new car, new designer clothes, that awkward visit with Mona at Radley, his obvious technological "skills" and the way he popped up behind Hanna in that dressing room last ep was very stealthy...a quality we KNOW the A-Team has.
  • I think that Alison is still VERY much alive and is the new A. I believe she has a twin, like in the books, and the people who appear suspicious, know it, like Cece, Noel, and Jenna. I think they were all friends with the REAL Ali and the girls have know her twin
  • As far as A-Team members go, I'm going to have to sayyyyy: Mona(duh), Lucas, Paige, Caleb, Holden ( hey, he wanted to feel included too!)
  • I feel like the old NAT members are just trying to cover their asses: Melissa, Jason, Ian, Wilden, Garrett and...Ezra "Crazy Eyes" Fitz

  • Don't formulate your theories until you check out the Sneak Peeks for The Betrayal:

So, what do you guys think? Who do you think the betrAyer will be and who dies?

We will be back with a recap tomorrow and hopefully J. Alyce will still have her left baby toe.

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5 Responses to “The BetrAyal: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Theories”

ola major said...

i think nate killed maya, and maya... was the betrayer.

Anonymous said...

I think Caleb got hurt -Hanna looked really crushed, and the rest of the Liars looked mostly shocked-like they looked when Maya died. I think Emily looks catatonic because Caleb getting hurt is making her flashback to Maya

itsalanna said...

Ola Major: that is a great theory! I never thought about that. I hope you comment on more of our PLL stories :)

Anonymous: That is a great theory as well! I just really hope Caleb isn't dead. That would make me so sad. They make such a great relationship.

Anonymous said...

"I think that Jenna, Noel, and CeCe are all apart of the A-team."
Well, I agree with the misspelling! I think they are "apart from" the A-team and not "a part of" the A-team. However, it seems like A has neutralized them; at least Jenna and Noel seem to have been neutralized—meaning that they are at what used to be called a Mexican standoff. (In a classic Mexican standoff, three parties are evenly balanced so that no one can either advance or withdraw.)

I think Nate was the person who kept phoning Maya.

Jasmine Alyce said...

Ola Major: I hadn't thought about Maya being the betrAyer before! That's an awesome theory! We'll have a recap posted tomorrow, so I hope you come back and tell us your NEW theories ( because I'm sure we'll have WAY more questions after tonight)!