K. Stew Comes Out of Her Hole

So, after much anticipation, the homewrecker formerly known as Bella has made her first appearance post scandal. I have to give it to her, girl looked good as she took her first red carpet walk of shame for her On The Road premiere at the TIFF.

  Many sites are reporting that the starlet has finally addressed her relationship with Pattinson, saying that the two are "totally fine." If you actually read the interview referenced, you will notice that she says nothing about their relationship, only saying that they will make it through the BD premieres "fine."

I, for one, hope you can cut the tension with a knife at the premieres. There is no way you can have the love of your life cheat on you and you have to stand there next to her, debuting the film in which you are every personality-less tween's dream relationship, and be "totally fine." I guess we'll finally get a chance to see how deep the acting chops in these 2 run.

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