Pretty Dirty Secrets: Episode 2

This week's episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets had a Cece-Jason reunion that was about as happy as you'd expect a reunion between two exes to see. Their conversation was fairly short, but we were let in on some interesting tidbits:

*Cece can rock a creepy ass mask...and it kind of looks like the one in the Halloween promos...hmmm...

* Cece taught Ali her conniving ways ( earlier spoiled by the show's producers, but who really trusts THEM anymore...with their fake spoilers...)
* Cece and Jason broke up on mysterious terms. She dumped him shortly after Ali's disappearance...and wouldn't say why?
*Jason thought Cece wanted an apology from him...why?
*Cece knew about the N.A.T videos...did she know about the club too?
*Jason thought Cece helped Ali run away.
*Shana, the Halloween Store clerk, probably knows ALL the business. (and HOORAY for they newest black person in Rosewood...try not to die, ok Shana?)

What did you think of the second episode of PDS?

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