AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Asylum Episode 2 Recap

Last week''s AHS picked up EXACTLY where the first episode left off…with the female half of The Lovers screaming in Bloody Face's, well, face, like it would actually help the situation. All I could think during this scene was, "Well sweetie, you got what you wished for…you are now the scary movie". She finds Adam Levine Leo and tries to drag him to safety, but alas, he and his stump only slowed her down and served as a murderous diversion. We see her lock herself into a cell and cross fade to the interesting part of the show…

A couple has brought their son to Briarcliff because he's been doing unsual things like speaking demon and eating their cows alive, and we get to see science and religion clash once more in the form of Dr. Thredson ( played by the amazing Zachary Quinto) and Sister Jude disagreeing on how to treat the boy: intense therapy or exorcism?

Well, if you read my header just then, you already know the answer, and BOY is this exorcism juicy! We learn about Sister Jude's colorful past as a bar singer who induulged in men and alcohol. One night when a soldier refused her, she got hammered, drove home and hit her kid Addie from last season a little girl, killing her, then leaving her.

After demon boy bursts her bubble and airs out all of her dirty laundry, Jude flips out. The Monsignor helps her out and he, Thredson and Sister Eunice finish the ceremony. It kills the boy ( because "Once you enter Briarcliff, you never leave") and Eunice passes clean out. Can we say transferrence?

Meanwhile, the patients are trying to figure out if all the doors to all the rooms being unlocked is a test, sick joke or if they should get the hell outta dodge. Lana picks door number 3 and grabs Grace on her way out so that they can make a run for it. Grace insists they bring along her new friend Kit, who Lana still believes is Bloody Face, so in an effort to be a hero, Lana screams and gets everyone caught. Ass whoopings all around!

and WhoresOh, My!!!
I think it's safe to say that our dear Dr. Arden has some definite virgin/whore issues going on.  A scene between he, Sister Eunice and a candied apple, which strangely made me think of a certain biblical temptation in a certain garden, and confirms that some feelings have blossomed between them. Aw how sweet! Don't we all wish we could meet that special someone while feeding bloody, raw body parts to mutant wood creatures?? Of course we do!

This little exchange left Arden feeling a little unsatisfied, so he does the next natural thing…has a prostitute over for an evening of romance and refinery, before making her dress up in a habit (sans undies) and proceed to show him her "mossy banks" (yep…he said that…I'll let you ponder over it for a bit...)


- So we now know that Kit is not Bloody Face, (he was in the asylum when Lana's girlfriend is murdered and what psycho woman- hating killer saves women from being caned?) ….Which leaves the question: Who Is?

-I kinda hate Lana now. Also, I can't tell if her getting Grace and Kit caught was more out of selflessness or jealousy.

- I can't wait to get more of Dr. Arden and Dr. Thredson's history. Dr. Arden's dinner date found some freaky pictures in his room and demon boy shouted at Thredson in the voice of his disappointed mother?


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