PLL Recap: This is A Dark Ride

Holy Murder train Batman! So last night's episode of  Pretty Little Liars definitely did not disappoint.  Although, in true PLL fashion, we are left with more questions than answers.

The episode picks up after the explosive events of the Summer finale and the PLL are getting ready for a Halloween Party that's taking place on a train (?) Cool concept but probably not the best idea for these danger prone ladies. But before we get to the main action on the train, we are given two little tidbits.

1. Garrett, who's fresh outta jail, stops by the Hastings Manor to give flowers to Not-Mariska Hargitay and runs into Spencer. He tells her that he finally wants to admit what he knows about the night Ali died. But they are interrupted by Toby and Garrett skedaddles. Toby being the creepy backstabbing double agent bf that he is warns Spencer to stay away from Garrett,  but we can assume that Spence is not going to drop it. She is definitely the nosiest out of the bunch.

2. Ezra was being super sketch towards Aria. He suddenly backs out of their plans to go to the Halloween train party together with some half-assed lie I didn't care to remember. I personally think he was going to see Maggie, but who knows? I'm kinda over their relationship and I still want Aria to hook up with the younger Fitz(gerald).

...oh and Mona plans on making another jail break. But we knew this wouldn't be Halloween without Rosewood's resident cray cray trying to stir up some trouble.

When it gets time to finally board the train, it looks like everyone in Rosewood is going on this excursion. Including Jenna (dressed as a one-eyed Pirate...hahahaha) and Noel Kahn i.e. Rosewood's creepiest couple evarrrr. They act like assholes as usual, so there's nothing new there. 

And now the real fun begins. All Aboard Bitches....
I must say the PLL crew did amazing and I loved loved the costumes and the set, but I'm still not 100% sure why they had Adam Lambert on the episode. They were getting into WB/CW territory with the musical guest stars that interject themselves to the episode. This ain't Karen's Cafe....Anyways...Caleb shows up dressed like the Phantom of the Opera, Lucas abandons his post as old-timey photographer, and someone is wandering around the party with the creepy baby doll mask from the last Halloween episode (seriously what is it with that mask??? It is SO creepy).

Turns out it's Garrett behind the baby doll mask and he basically kidnaps Spencer to tell her the truth about what really happened that night. We find out, in a flashback, that Garrett and Jenna left Ian and Melissa in Ali's room to fight it out. Ali was lurking in her backyard when Garrett and Jenna came out of the house and almost got into a bitch on blind cat fight with Jenna! Garrett intervenes and threatens Ali with a hockey stick (I presume it's the one Toby "found" in the Hastings' back yard). He whacks the tree behind Ali a few good times which leads Jenna to believe he killed her (?) Ali convinces him to lie and Jenna really does believe she's dead! So Jenna thinks that Ali has been dead this whole time!!! So I'm pretty sure that she can't be on the A-team. But wait! There's more! Garrett tells Spence that he came back to the scene to check on Ali and he found her in a pretty heated conversation with none other than BYRON MONTGOMERY!!!! I screamed aloud at that point. It is very possible that Bryon was the one Ali was blackmailing (hence the 50 g's hiding in her room) or there could be a more sinister explanation. I think that they were involved in some way. We already know that Byron has a thing for younger blondes and Ali likes older men...who's to say she didn't like them MUCH older? It also explains her obsession with Lolita. I think this could be real thing guys. But there you have it, more information on the night Ali disappeared! Garrett tells Spence that he always liked her the best out of the girls and tried to protect her, but he underestimated things. Then he promises he's going to disappear for good. Umm...foreshadowing much???

Meanwhile, Aria is gazing longingly out of the window dreaming of her beau when someone in a Queen of Hearts mask slips something into her drink. Ruh roh Aria, looks like it's finally your turn to be tortured by the A-team. While Aria is being kidnapped and tortured (?) off-screen, Spencer gets attacked by the Queen of Hearts and Hanna gets felt-up by someone who is not Caleb (her assailant was wearing the same Phantom mask, with a mask that looked like Ali underneath!) ! And sorry, but the Spencer attempted murder scene was the weakest scene of the night to me. Spencer is basically getting her Ivy-League bound ass handed to her and she doesn't fight back! You think these girls woulda learned some self-defense moves by now! She's about to be choked to death when Paige steps in and saves the day! (Although it was totally awks when I realized that I thought Paige was Caleb at first...oops!) After Spencer gets her shit together, the girls finally learn the value of the buddy system and they begin a frantic search for Aria...who they just noticed was missing. One cryptic text message from A later, the girls are in full panic mode. 

Aria wakes up locked in a crate and flips her shit, like any normal person would. She manages to tip the crate over in her efforts to escape, but poor thing makes a shocking discovery. Turns out she's been locked in the box with a newly murdered Garrett! I know we've been saying Aria has had it easy the past two seasons but this is an extreme way to induct her into the A-team torture scheme. She is going to need hours of therapy after this. To make matters worse, she hears to people (who's voices I don't recognize) trying to push her and corpse Garrett of the train! She frantically searches for anything to save her,  finds a screwdriver (?) and stabs one of her would be killers. They run off, just in time for the rest of the gang to find her and dead Garrett. You know, all of these girls are going to need psych help after all the dead bodies they've seen!

The train finally reaches the end of the line and the girls are once again being questioned by the cops, whom I'm going to assume are just as incompetent as the Rosewood P.D. Interestingly enough, Ezra (?) shows up out of nowhere with some whack excuse but I really don't think he had anything to do with Aria's ordeal; he seemed genuinely relieved that she was ok. I think it was guilt because he was off visiting his baby-momma while his girlfriend was about to be killed by some crazies. I could be wrong though.

Noel and Jenna try to start some shit (am I the only one that wanted Jenna to get bitch slapped again?) and Noel ends up getting into a scuffle with Toby. They knock over the drink station only to reveal there's been a body bag chilling among the drinks all night! And it looks to be the same bag that contains Ali's missing body!  Looks like everyone is going to need a little therapy after this episode. 

Before we get to the end credits, we find that Mona is safely tucked away in her bed at Radley, with the Ali mask hiding underneath her bed. If she was the one feeling up Hanna, that really gives frenemies a brand new meaning. And last but not least, we see a hand grasping through the dirt, solidifying the fact that Ali was buried alive! Can you say CREEPY??????

So what did you think of last night's episode? I know I can't wait until January so we can learn more!

Breadcrumbs & Predictions
-Did anyone notice how quickly Jason chased after Lucas at the party? Are they working together??? 

-I think the other liars believe Garrett about Aria's dad and Aria is going to be understandably pissed. 

-Who was trying to push Aria off the train? The voices sounded completely foreign to me? So maybe it was character's we haven't met yet. And if it was say Lucas or Mona, wouldn't they have a wound from where Aria stabbed them with the screwdriver? Or maybe it was Cece? She was noticeably absent in this episode, which is strange especially since she was all over the web series. 

-I think it was Lucas behind the Phantom/Ali mask. We all know he's madly in love with her and would basically jump at any chance to feel her up with no consequences.

-Who was who on the A-team tonight? We've got two masked characters and the disembodied voices of the ones trying to throw Aria off the a-train. My theories are all over the place and I would love to hear your thought.

-The creepy ghost girl that showed up at Hanna's house, is the same girl from last year's Halloween special. I think it's a hint that Ali really does have a twin.

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Anonymous said...

Season 2, chapter six. Aria is in her bedroom, looking through pictures of Ali. Ella comes into and they have a conversation about Jason and how one can remember and forget things. Before leaving, Ella picks a picture and says: "I like this one". Then Aria takes another one and focus intensely on it, like she was remembering something or was seeing something strange. At thebeginning of the secene, I could see one of the photos Aria was holding is like part of a diary or a letter, but I can't read what it is. Can you ch

Anonymous said...

By the way, season 2 episode 7, look who wears the Black Swan outfit.