AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Episode 4 Recap: Will The Real Anne Frank Please Stand Up (Part 1)

This week on AHS, we are introduced to a woman who may or may not be Anne Frank…THE Anne Frank and who could potentially rock Dr. Arden's world in the worst possible way. We also learn the story of Grace…twice.

We meet our Anne locked in a cell in Briarcliff, cast away for assaulting a man who murmured an anti-Semitic remark. There is no family to contact and all they have to go on is the fact that she says she is Anne Frank. This does not bode well.

Moving right along to Dr. Arden, it seems that our sinister scientist is still experimenting on poor Shelly and injects her with some kind of "live forever" serum, which, fuck that Dr. Arden…we've seen your raspers. 

The rest of the patients (minus Kit and Grace) are in the day room and Anne is quickly making friends by being snide to an attempting-to-help Lana, and full on attacking Dr. Arden when he shows up. Why? Because Anne recognizes him as  Nazi of course! The WORST Nazi (which of course he vehemently denies…she's a patient in a asylum, DUH!)
As she's whisked away, Lana fantasizes about her reward for writing an exposé on Briarcliff, a fantasy that sways her to accept Dr. Thredson's earlier offer of aversion therapy to cure her so he can release her. She's ready to do whatever's necessary so she can get the hell out of there, search for her missing girlfriend and win her Pulitzer.

Kit and Grace are sentenced to baking bread together, which gives us a great opportunity to learn Grace's story. Apparently, an axe-murderer hacked her stepmother and father apart and her step-sister accused her of their murders. I guess sharing murder stories has made the duo close as they proceed to have sex on the bread table ( NOT sanitary) and are caught by Frank.

As Sister Satan picks a switch, Sister Jude tells Grace and Kit that the are to be receiving a worse punishment…sterilization. After she leaves the room, Sister Satan does what she does best and leads Kit to discover the truth about his Grace…

2 detectives are speaking to Sister Jude about Arden. Looks like Mrs. Mossy Banks is coming back to bite him  and they detectives would like to speak with him about the incident.They mention she found some Nazi memorabilia and that was enough to ring the bell is Sister Jude's mind. Arden, you got some 'splainin to do.

As we check in on Threadson and Lana, we are treated to what I have been calling one of the most disturbing scenes that I have ever seen on tv or film…ever. Lana has begun her aversion therapy, which consists of her being given meds to make her throw up as she is shown slides of attractive women.  The point is to create a negative reaction in her body, thus stopping her attraction to women. After she has thrown up to the final slide, one of her Wendy, Thredson moves to the next part of therapy…the conversion…Nude patient Daniel is brought in, and Lana is instructed to masturbate while looking at and touching Daniel…Thank goodness this scene doesn't last too long before Lana loses whatever the  hell was left in her stomach. Thredson realizes the same thing  that we already knew…this therapy will not work.

Meanwhile, Sister Jude has already snitched on Dr. Arden to Msgr Howard, who dismisses her accusations and tells her instead to repent for her drinking. Once she leaves, Howard in turn snitches to Arden and tells him to tie up any loose ends.

Sister Jude is still on her snitching spree and upon speaking to the Mother Superior, is given the idea to go over the Monsignor's head, but alas, her lust won't allow it.

Kit's had a chance to read over Grace's file, left for him by Sister Satan and knows the truth about Grace, but wants to hear it from her…so we hear Grace's story a second time: Grace is actually the Lizzie Borden of the show, having axed her parents for her father molesting her and her step-mother  telling her to keep quiet about it… Ok, is it just me or are all of our main crazies…not that crazy…

Arden's loose end has found him in his lab.  Anne has him at gunpoint and upon shooting him in the leg,  makes a gruesome discovery behind a locked door: Rasper Shelley, begging to be killed.

- DAYYUUMMMM SHELLEY!!! What happens to her now?!
- Do you think Sister Jude will further investigate Arden? Or will her attraction to the Monsignor stop her from wanting to pursue the matter any further?
- Is Anne Frank…Anne Frank???

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