AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Episode 5 Recap: Will The Real Anne Frank Please Stand Up? (Part 2)


 We make our return to Ryan's wacky world to see that sometime between last week and this week, Sister Jude has had a change of heart. She has found sam Goodman, Nazi hunter. They meet and she passes Arden's records off to him so that he can be researched. Sam cautions Jude to stay away from Arden in the meantime, .

Back at Briarcliff, Dr. Arden's been spared as Anne, who still has him at gunpoint, is sedated and taken away by Sister Satan and Frank. Sister Jude has had enough time to return and search Arden's lab (for who we know is Shelley) but finds nothing.

A man has turned up to claim the mysterious Anne Frank, saying that she is not  Anne Frank, but Charlotte Brown, a housewife and mother. Apparently, after having recently given birth, Anne developed postpartum psychosis and took on the identity of the slain Jewish girl.  Welp..there goes Jude's reliable source.

Kit and Grace are being held in separate cells until their sterilizations take place and they converse through the walls, imagining they are together. At this point I'm really confused about whether or not Kit is cheating, but whatevs, love is crazy! Sister Satan turns up to tell Kit that he and his little Kit's have been granted a reprieve, but unfortunately for Grace, she hasn't been shown the same mercy.  As she's left alone to her tantrum in the dark, she sees a glow that's familiar to all of us:

                    (Sorry, I had to do it.)

Thredson and Lana are busy plotting her escape in the day room as the psychiatrist has told her that he is willing to help her get the hell out of the hellish asylum. He tells her that they will be making their escape after dinner

And suddenly, we are on board the mothership. Grace is on a table similar to the one Kit remembers and…OH HEY ALMA! Yes, Kit's "dead"  wife appears…pregnant….telling Grace to relax as she is cut open in the same place a C-section would be given?? W..T..F ( I know we aren't quite there yet).

Dr. Arden knows Sister Jude was in his lab and that Charlotte/Anne was released without any repercussions for shooting him , so he's PISSED. He threatens Jude's job and she leaves in a huff. Cue Sister Satan, coming in to tempt Arden with power and bait his trust with the fact that she disposed of Shelley for him…

Cut to a schoolyard where we see a little girl scream because she sees a monster on the playground. Teacher checks it out and yep, definite monster…I guess we found out where Sister Satan dumped Shelley.

Charlotte/Anne's husband has brought her back to the asylum because having her at home trying to strangle their baby didn't quite work out.  He runs into Arden who offers the confused husband a way for him to get exactly the kind of wife he wants…

Thredson and Lana have made their run for it and successfully escaped the asylum.  He has taken her back to his house and the mood there gets more and more creepy until..HOLY LAMP NIPPLES AND SKULL MINTS…THREDSON IS BLOODY FACE!!!! And Lana is now trapped with him and dead Wendy. Damn girl.

Grace is back at Briarcliff after her abduction as she begins bleeding out, screams to Kit that she believes him as he is taken away for Alma's murder…Thredson turned over Kit's confession to the police and is pinning his crimes on Kit.

Finally, we check in on Charlotte/Anne, who Arden has lobotomized into the perfect Stepford Wife. As she cleans up her wall of crazy, we zoom into a Holocaust photo…and focus on a young Nazi Arden (bka Hans Gruber).


 - What happened to Grace on that ship? Is Alma really alive? Both of these women have Kit and having sex with Kit in common…what does it mean??
- How much longer are we thinking Lana's going to be around now that Bloody Face has her?
- Was Charlotte really Anne Frank? She was definitely right about Arden, but she could  just be crazy.
- Who would have thought the Monsignor and Arden are in cahoots! I bet there's more backstory there…

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