AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Episode 3 Recap: Sister Satan

AHS kicked it up a notch with it's Halloween episode "Nor'easter". Sister Satan (as I will from here on out call her because, well, she is.) put whatever her plan is into action, some inmates made a run for it...again, and Dr. Arden got to flex his surgical muscles on one unfortunate soul.

We open to the same screaming Theresa that we left off with last week. She's stuck in a cell with Bloody Face beating at her door. Thankfully, the fates are smiling down on her and deliver unto her her Adam Levine's severed arm....complete with cell phone! As she reaches for help, Bloody Face comes smashing through the door and just as he is about to have a new face to wear, stabbed up, armless Adam Levine saves the day! Looks like this love has taken control of him (sorry) as he somehow drums up enough strength to grab the orbitoclast and stab Bloody Face to pieces.

The lovers haul ass only to be gunned down seconds later by 2 MORE Bloody Faces...looks like all the BF's we've seen so far have been impostors...but then, who is that 4th BF walking down the hallway?


We learn that a huge storm is coming to the hospital and as a way to keep the patients calm, Sister Jude has ordered the First Annual Briarcliff Nor'Easter Movie Night, complete with The Sign of the Cross. Dark, scary storm? Check. Highly religious movie (albeit strange)? Check. All hell breaking loose? Check.

Sister Satan wastes no time..shes's already messed with Jude's head by delivering her an old paper, complete with headlines about the little girl she hit all those years ago and suggested Dr. Arden sent her Ravish Me Red lipstick (big Nun no-no). So what's next? Kill The Mexican, who can see her for the devil she is of course! And that's just what she does.

While the movie is playing, Lana, Grace, Shelley and Kit decide to make a run for it again, using the storm as cover...but Shelley is forced to stay behind as a distraction for Carl. The remaining trio doesn't make it much further though...they meet the raspers for the first time and as we all know the raspers only know one emotion: hungry.

Sister Jude has backslid into the communal wine and is currently wandering the halls wasted and...OH HEY ALIEN! Then she passes out.

Meanwhile, our trio has made it back into the movie without being missed and find out 3 OTHER inmates are now missing:  Pepper, The Mexican...and Shelley. Unfortunately, we know know where The Mexican is and even more unfortunately, we find out where Shelley is...2 words: Dr. Arden..and she won't be making anymore runs for it.

- Poor Shelley. Arden has some nasty things in store for her and no one thinks she's still inside the clinic. I'm puttng my vote in now: We will get to see first hand through her how Arden creates his Raspers...ick.

- Do you believe Thredson's story about Wendy? I want to believe that there is one totally good person on this show, but let's face it, it's Ryan Murphy...Thredson will probably end up being Bloody Face ( not my official theory).

- Sister Jude saw an alien! Is she slowly becoming mad too, or are bigger otherworldy things at play here? Is this the same alien Kit saw? Will this all end up being some sort of aliens=God storyline? I know I'm anxious to know how they play a role in all this, outside of UFO fever in the 60's.

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