AMERICAN HORROR STORY Episode 6 Recap: Mommie Dearest

This week, we were treated to a plethora of disturbing scenes, horrible people and their disturbing beginnings: An AHS cornucopia, if you will.


A caller tells dispatch to send cops to Briarcliff and declares that he is the real Bloody Face. They arrive on the scene to find our 3 dead imposters strung up from the ceiling. Wait a minute...that voice sounded familiar....


Jenny Reynolds is an adorable little girl. She immediately reminded me of Wednesday Addams but I soon discovered she was probably the little girl Wednesday Addams idolized, but dare not emulate. Jenny Reynolds' mother has brought her to Briarcliff because she is pretty sure Jenny murdered her only friend, even though she told the police a very convincing story about a bearded man. Plus this is the 60's and we all know adorable little girls don't commit murder...they're made of sugar and spice and everything NICE!

Lana awakes in Thredson's lair, surrounded by home, and is suddenly jolted awake by the fact that her nightmare is real. Thredson is cooking croque-monsieur, while he tells her that he has disposed of Wendy's body, never to be found now that he's successfully framed Kit. The two then "bond" over feelings of abandonment and cue monstrosity origin #2:

Thredson was abandoned by his mother when she was 33 years old and left to grow up in the system. The orphange was a cold place and they discouraged any form of touch. I imagine something like Oliver! ("Please, Sir, I want some more!") minus the songs and any modecom of happiness. Thredson grew up and went to medical school like any good orphan and this is where he had his first...experience. Longing for the touch of a mother, with a cadaver that could have been her, he took off his shirt and, well, cuddled with it.
     The smell of formaldehyde was one he couldn't get past, so he escalated, naturally, to warm living, or freshly dead, skin. This is enough to freak Lana out, but she has nothing to worry, he assures her...she's different. She is going to be his new mommy. ( Murphy is seriously doing an effective job creeping me out more and more every week. It's cringetastic!)

Back at the asylum, Sister Jude recieves a call from her Nazi Hunter thatconfirms everyone's suspicions: Anne may have been Charlotte, but both women were right. Arden is indeed Hans Gruber and they need one last thing to nab him...a fingerprint. They end the call and Jude gets a rude awakening. Jenny's mother has left the little psychopath and she's now a ward of the asylum. Oh girl boy.

Monsignor Howard is called to  a hospital to give last rights to a very sick patient: Shelley. He puts her out of her misery and immediately goes to confront Arden. He had no idea this was what Arden was up to...

Flashback to 1962: The church has just bought Briarcliff Tuberculosis Ward and Howard speaks with the supervior, Dr. Arden. Arden persuades Howard to let him aquire living test subjects (because even the Vatican couldn't ignore the changes Arden was about to make!) and the two doom the asylum patients before they even arrive.

In 1964 Sister Satan is bonding with the bad seed. SS tells Jenny that she was totally right for killing her little friend...the girl didn't like her anyway. And here we get some Mary Eunice backstory:

 Mary Eunice McKee is in high school and at a pool party. She goes onto the diving board to strip naked on the count of three like everyone else, but alas, she was tricked and now everyone has seen her goodies. She jumps into the pool, as it's her only escape.

Sister Satan tells Jenny that she's the devil and that Jenny has "authentic impulse" and should learn to defend herself.

Sister Jude is told by Howard that she has been transferred and can go nun somewhere else. Jude takes this news terribly and as she packs, tells Sister Satan to grab her some liquor.  (Note Sister Satan eye-sexin' Jude's red lingerie).

Kit calls Thredson from jail to explain what the hell happened and Lana uses this as a chance to escape. Unfortunately, as most things seem to be going for Lana nowadays, Thredson returns too soon and notices she's tried to escape...and now he's going to kill her.

Sister Satan finally gets her hands on Jude's red lingerie and one of the most intriguing scenes of the season thus far ensues. A little song and dance to You Don't Own Me. The phone rings and Satan puts on her best Jude voice, intercepts the call and gets all the juicy details. You better run Nazi hunter man!
Arden and Jude toast to Jude's defeat and she slyly collects the glass Arden was drinking out of to give to her Nazi hunter, but she's too late. By the time she arrives, Sister Satan has already wreaked her havoc and with his last dying breathe the hunter manages to tell Jude that it was a nun that done him in.

One last check in on Lana and we are left with an image that, I can definitely say, is one of the top 3 most distubing things I've ever seen..ever. She and Thredson have made up, by her playing the mommy card and it appears Thredson wants to live his whole life with her as a mom...starting from infancy, breastfeeding and all.

Present Day
 Bloody Face calls Leo's cell and let's the cops know that he was only responsible for the impostor's deaths...not Leo's. We then see that he still has Teresa, strapped down to a table.

-Just when I thought last week's aversion therapy was as horrifying an experience as Lana could have Ryan took the cake with 3 words: Baby. Needs. Colostrum

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