PLL GIF Recap: Dead To Me

Last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars was really just a stepping stone into the amazingness that will occur next week (i.e. Mona finally getting her ass beat) but before we jump ahead, let's discuss last night! 

As with every PLL episode, the girls are trying to untangle all of the mysterious threads of Ali's life. Coffee always seems to be involved in these pow-wows. Jason comes in and tells them that Ali is going to be buried again and he wants the girls to come to a small ceremony. Spencer is like...

 photo tumblr_m7r4f8yhnQ1r0botko1_500_zpsd860cc22.gif

 She is still somehow only voice of reason despite recent events. Alison was pretty much a sucky human being and isn't a saint now that she's dead.

 photo praise_zps32ac9aef.gif

When will these girls realize that Alison was like the WORST ever?

Anyways, the rest of the PLL and Jason are left wondering what the hell Spencer's problem is. I really don't understand how these girls haven't figured out that something is seriously wrong with their friend. But instead of trying to find out, they decide to go after Wilden aka Ali's suspected baby daddy. The fact that Emily thinks the pic of him at Cape May that summer is still there is laughable.

 photo hilariousPLLreaction_zps2352171d.gif

Spencer is still meeting up with the P.I she hired last episode and he tells her that Toby bought $65 worth of hydrangeas (which we know definitely aren't for Spencer) then he skipped town. He also found out that the A-key opens a door to a space somewhere downtown. But for more info, Spencer will have to offer a little more encouragement a.k.a dolla dolla bills. She doesn't commit just yet, but we all know that with her mix of absentee parents and an unlimited trust fun it'll be pretty easy to pay off Creeper P.I.

 photo makeitrain2_zps035cec73.gif

Meanwhile, Caleb is having issues letting go of the past and Aria is having issues letting go of the fact that Ezra basically left her to be with his maybe baby mama. Oh and Wes is around and it's pretty much obvious that Aria is going to hook up with her boyfriend's brother. If this was Secret Life, I'd be down. But it's not so *yawn*

 photo reallydontcare_zpsb2f21e80.gif

Spencer is trying to stay as sane as possible but it's really hard when you have assholes like Mona all up in your girl. Mona basically cornered Spence at her locker and started talking about their upcoming debate competition. The look Spencer gave Mona when she touched her arm...priceless.

 photo spencereyeroll_zpsb231cdd9.gif
(dear Spence in happier days)

But Mona doesn't back down, she goes for the jugular. She drops "A" references and then says "I'd hate Toby to come all that way for you, only to be left cheering for me".

I present my seven stages of emotion to that scene.



 photo helllllllno_zps13397e81.gif


 photo santanafight_zpsfd1c8282.gif


 photo threaten_zps9bac6297.gif


 photo rage_zps3971d053.gif




 photo lightsout_zps29ab8c85.gif



Yeah, like I said before, I cannot wait for Spencer to attack Mona.

Emily goes to the police station to look at the picture of Wilden and it's gone (duh) but also comes across one of the postcards she put in Ali's casket. It was in her mom's bag, which I find sketchy as hell.   She enlists Spencer's help in translating the French on the back of the postcard--an obvious message from A.  And even though Spencer is on a one-way train to craytown, her French is still impeccable. Snap snaps all around.

 photo tumblr_inline_mgca981SBo1qdn14l_zpsa4dba370.gif

The card reads "Stop digging! Because the Police know it is you who is capable of murder!". Yes we all know that Emily killed "cousin" Nate in self-defense (reminder Em...not ALL black people are related) so she decides to visit the good (or is she) Dr. Sullivan to finally learn to deal with the fact she took someone's life.  Dr. Sullivan hypnotizes Em and instead of taking us back to the night she killed night, it's the night Ali disappeared. And we're led to believe that Emily was the one who killed Ali. The promos weren't screwing with us on that one. So suspect #1?

 photo nervouschew_zps47b68316.gif

In Whocaresland, Aria and Wes are bonding on their similarly f'd lives. Hanna convinced Caleb to say goodbye to his childhood home only to come in contact with his "Uncle" JAmie and it's sooooo obvious that he's Caleb's daddy but they drag this storyline on because the writers hate us and want us to suffer. Basically this is how I felt the whole time

I just want more of Troian Bellisario's impeccable acting please! Is that too much to ask for?

Luckily (for viewers, not for her), Spencer descends farther into madness as she decides to offer Creeper P.I. enough "encouragement" to find out exactly what door the A-key opens. He tells her the location and asks what she expects to find. Spencer says if she thinks what's in the space he still loves her and everything they went through wasn't a lie. "But if not? "the P.I. asks. Spencer doesn't know. "Then maybe it's time to let him go" Damn...deep stuff.


Unfortunately for Spencer, the A-lair was completely cleared out. I was initially confused by what she hoped to find, but my friend told me that if it wasn't clear then Toby didn't tell anyone Spencer knew and was keeping her secret. But it seems as if the entire discovery was planned. Toby is deliberately breaking the poor girl's heart. She breaks down and I can't help but feel her pain...


So she shows up at Ali's 2nd (3rd, 4th??) memorial and drops a HUGE bomb on Jason by telling him Ali was pregnant when she died and Wilden is the father! He naturally storms out, probably to go search for Wilden and the rest of the girls are looking at Spencer like...

 photo Epd3b_zpsb16a99c9.gif

I actually can't blame them for freaking out on her. That was totally unnecessary and uncool. I honestly think Spencer is unknowingly lashing out at Jason because of his ties to Mona. To make matters worse, she discovers what Toby did with all those hydrangeas he bought; they were on his mom's grave. So she decides to scratch his name into her plaque with the A-key. Looks like crazy Spencer has finally come to play. Totes disrespectful, but can you really blame her?

Meanwhile, the world's dimmest friends are trying to figure out what happened to Spencer to make her go off the deep end. Emily says that she can't get in contact with Toby to ask him what happened. So it might not be totally obvious that Toby betrayed Spencer but it IS obvious that she's not just going through the motions after a normal breakup. Ugh, sometimes these girls make me tired.


But Emily does have another flashback as they are leaving the memorial and she realizes that she mixed up her memories. The "memory" she had in Dr. Sullivan's office was really a mixture of memories including the night Ali's body was dug up. So she didn't kill Ali. I really didn't understand how she figured that anyways so I'm gonna go with the theory that the "Good" Doctor really isn't that good. She shady. But we basically find out that someone has been overseeing all of the A-team's activities and she looks like this

 photo theBOSS_zps897e6601.gif

"She's the boss" Emily says. So now we finally know that the mysterious "blonde" in the red coat is the ringleader of the A-team! I can't wait to find out who it is. So what are your theories and thoughts about this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars?

This is really all I have to say about next week.

Bring on the Spencer/Mona catfight!!!

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