Scandal GIF Recap: Nobody Likes Babies

If I could write down my feelings about last night's episode of Scandal, it would be nothing but a crapload of exclamation marks. This episode definitely did not disappoint and it definitely left me feeling more than just seven types of emotion.

I'm still reeling from the craziness that occurred, but let's jump in shall we?

Huck The Awesome saves Hollis' life but tells him if he blabs about the election rigging he'll get Cyrus' hired gun to come after him. So the slick as oil Southern guy is safe...for now.

Then we switch to Mellie and Fitz's fake domestic bliss in front of cameras holding their unnamed son. As soon as the cameras stop rolling, Mellie drops the baby with some nurse that looks like her life sucks. I feel you girl, working for Mellie must be an effing nightmare.


After the poor disgruntled nurse takes unnamed baby away, Fitz tells Mellie he still wants a divorce and wants to stay in his kids' lives. Mellie looks at him like...

 photo talktothehand_zps9e832279.gif

But Fitz isn't backing down without a fight. "Dont.Push.Me" he tells Mellie and I can't help but feel she's gonna pull some drastic shit to get her way.

 photo nervouschew_zps47b68316.gif

Liv scolds Cyrus for almost killing and innocent man, but I get the feeling that Cyrus really isn't that guilty about it. Then Fitz and Liv run into each other and he says she's not gonna marry Edison and that she will wait for him. It's no wonder this man (kinda) won the presidency. He could sweet talk the undies off a nun (forgive me Father for the blasphemy). All of their moments together are basically summed up by this


They are so adorable and on FIRE every time they're together. Adultery be damned!

Liv and the rest of the Gladiators slowly piecing together all of the information they have on who could've ordered the hit on Fitz. The rest of the team is poring over the information when Liv has a literal lightbulb moment.

Turns out the person that paid crazy Becky to kill Fitz, was none other than VERNA! The Supreme Court Justice dying of cancer!! Not gonna lie, I was kind of pissed by reveal. I really really really wanted it to be Mellie!


Turns out the old broad felt guilty about the election rigging and decided to solve the problem. But instead of just coming clean and incriminating herself. She decided to KILL Fitz!

 photo tumblr_inline_mfdrwg1ZeF1ry4qim_zpsdf15e2d5.gif
Yea, my thoughts excactly.

Oh, and we see in a flashback that the old broad saw Fitz and Olivia a less than professional way, if you catch my drift. Olivia is understandably pissed. She decides to fix things as fixers do but finding out everything nosy ass David Rosen knows. Huck reminds them that there is bug planted in David's apartment and Abby freaks out (as usual). This aint about you Abby!!

 photo getyourlife_zps769438d0.gif

Abby tells them to bring all of the R-rated tapes to them. As the montage goes on, we see a considerable amount of tapes piling up on Abby's desk. Man they had A LOT of sex...yeesh.

Meanwhile, in the White House, Mellie goes to Cyrus and says she'll ruin Fitz if he tries to walk out on her and will basically have the political career she yearns for handed to her. Bitch needs to take a SERIOUS chill pill. Starter wife my friend calls them.


We already know the kind of things Mellie is capable of. She might not be responsible for Fitz's attempted assassination  but she has lied about having a miscarriage and put her baby's life in danger. Oh and she treats poor little unnamed baby as a political ploy. Are you guys seeing why this woman really is THE ABSOLUTE WORST??


David is busy preparing for the case of the century and subpoenas James. James will have to confess in front of a Grand Jury about everything he knows about the tampered voting machines. James freaks out for good reason. Either he confesses and Cyrus goes to jail for a long time, or he lies on the stand and he's in the clink and away from his precious newborn baby. It's a pretty sucky situation.

James confronts Cyrus about the subpoena and Cyrus finally comes clean about his involvement in a less than kosher way. The strip (tease?) was actually a really interesting way to add drama to the already dramatic scene. Cyrus confesses in one of his spectacular Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy (?) worthy speeches. Someone just give this man all of the awards all ready.


James says he's going to do the right thing. Which can only mean one thing. Cyrus is apparently willing to do anything to keep his small amount of power. Cyrus has a hired gun at his disposal. You do the murder math.

(YES, it's time for my most favorite GIF of all time)

 photo youindanger_zps6c636bcc.gif
(this thing is a classic!)

Verna, the cold hearted bitch that she is, is lyin up in the hospital bed ready to meet the Devil, but not before she causes more chaos. Turns out she summoned David and is planning to tell him ERRTHANG.  But when he tries to get into her hospital room, the guards keep him from seeing her.  "What on earth could keep me from seeing her, when she asked me here?" he wonders. Oh that's right! The mother effing President of the United States. Take all the seats ain't shit compared to Fitz.

 photo gabbyunionhairflip_zpsa76ba2ba.gif

If Fitz had hair like this, he'd flip it in James' face!

After going through hours of tapes (not including the Dabby sex tapes), Huck discovers that David is hiding the tampered voters card in the safe in his house. Abby volunteers to steal it, but not before she listens tapes of her and David's most private moments over and over again. Poor thing is really torturing herself. I'm not the biggest Abby fan, but I do feel bad for her in this scene.


While she's listening, she hears him say he loves her and she starts to piece things together. She goes to Olivia and asks if she's the reason her and David broke up. Olivia says yes with no hesitation because she's a G. Abby freaks out even more when she finds out Harrison was the one that orchestrated the whole thing. She storms out of the office, but not before Harrison gives an awesome speech about loyalty. Now he's a true ride or die...Abby...not so much.

(Just pretend that says Abby)

Abby shows up at David's right before he goes to question James in front of the Grand Jury. They hook up. All is well in Dabbyland for now. We can assume that Abby is giving the ole F-you to Pope & Assoc. and isn't going to steal the card. She's busy having make-up sex.

Olivia has exhausted all of her resources and tells Cyrus that the jig is up. They are going to be exposed and ruined. But Cyrus says he'll fix it. Which can only mean one thing, he's gonna pay the creepy murderer guy to cap someone. But we don't know who yet.


We find out that it's JAMES that  Cyrus ordered killed and as James is on his way to testify, Cyrus begs him to reconsider while trying to convince his gun for hire to stand down. James says he has to do what must be done and hangs up. The gun for hire is seconds away from blowing James to kingdom come when Cyrus yells "DONT DO IT!"


Yeaa on the edge of my seat about to fall off in that moment. The killer stands down but quips that Cyrus still owes him for the job. I wonder, how much money does one pay a killer to murder their life partner. Damn Cy, your ambition is outta control dude.

 photo Epd3b_zpsb16a99c9.gif 
But James is safe...for now.

Olivia is back at the office opening a bottle of wine at 9 a.m. because she knows shit is about to hit the fan. Harrison joins her. It was a nice ride kiddies.

 photo drinkydrink_zps2956b391.gif

In the middle of all this drama, dumbass LyQynn offers Huck $5000 to kill Hollis Doyle for killing her boyfriend and ruining her life.

Huck says it's not enough and he'll do it for free but she can never come back. Because gladiators aren't about revenge (that's not what Russel Crowe says te he he) they're about fixing things. She realizes her life is a joke and stands down. Seriously..where did we find this broad?

 photo btchwhat_zpsbba0aa0d.gif

But James lies on the stand and David freaks out in the courtroom!! He loses his job and storms in Pope & Assoc. and demands that Abby give the card back. "What are you talking about? "She asks. He can't find the card but somehow knows she took it (I mean he's the stupid one for keeping evidence of a federal crime locked in his personal safe). He says he's done with Abby. They were back together for all of two seconds. Harrison comforts her. They're totes gonna bone, I can feel it.

Crisis averted! They're safe for now and Olivia finally feels she can move on with her life and be with the man she loves...eventually.

Pudding Pops comes around and Liv gives that ring back saying she can't marry him. He asks why and if it's him or if she just doesn't want to be married. She can't tell him she's in love with the married Prezzy so she just tells his ass to bounce in so many words. Hasta la bye bye Pudding Pops! It was fun while it lasted...NOT!


Cut to that cold hearted bitch's funeral. Fitz is stanidng over her body when Olivia walks up to him and says she told Edison no and that she'd wait for him, no matter how long it takes.


But Fitz is all like...

 photo notgonnahappen_zps827ae80a.gif

Turns out that Verna isn't just an attempted murderer, she is a KILLER of love and joy! She told Fitz about everyones (and I mean EVERYONES) involvement in the election rigging and her attempt to kill him.

I present to you my seven stages of reaction to this news.


 photo whaaaaaaaaa_zps8e953853.gif


 photo f_zps0bba2fec.gif


 photo dramaticfallout_zpsd78403c2.gif


  photo rage_zps3971d053.gif 


 photo sadderspencer_zpsfb7f98a1.gif





The look on his face when he asks if Olivia was involved was heartbreaking.


So now Fitz is like, don't bother waiting for me. Never gon happen. It's one thing to screw your mistress but another thing to think you're gonna marry her. Way harsh, Fitz. Then he tells her hew knows. Olivia is left broken and we get more insight on Fitz's last convo with that cold hearted bitch (she HAS no name here! You hear me!!!) 

Turns out she also confessed that she summoned David and was gonna tell him everything. So Fitz was like, nah bitch, 'preciate your honesty but you're not taking my prezzy away from me. So he takes off her oxygen mask and holds her down until she dies. THEN gives the eulogy at her funeral. I like to call that straight G shit.

So we're left with Olivia sitting in church thinking about the great big diamond she gave up for Fitz to turn on her ass and dump her at the funeral of the woman that tried to kill him. And Fitz reconciles with Mellie because she is the ONLY one that was every really honest and showed her true self to him. She's always loved him, she promises. You were the one that left me. You're all I have now, he says.


They kiss...America gags.




So there you have it. Olitz are on a indefinite break, Mellie has her man back, and we get into a whole new batch of cases next week. Liv is trying to move on and Fitz gets jealous cuz he's an asshole sometimes.  But if Shonda really loved us, this break won't last.


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