Scandal GIF Recap: Truth & Consequences

So we've decided to try something new here at Big Girls Don't Gossip. Instead of your regular super long recaps (I'm long winded haha), we've decided to summarize episodes in gif form. This is new thing we're trying and we hope ya'll like it. We will probably do normal recaps as well but these are meant to be quick to read and fun.

That being said...let's dive into last week's episode of Scandal!

It starts off with a flashback to where the election was rigged in Fitz's favor and we finally learn about LyQuinn's involvement in the election rigging and why she was targeted. Turns out her boyfriend Jesse was the one that hacked the machines!

They showed a little bit of their relationship but I was like...

 photo reallydontcare_zpsb2f21e80.gif

In present-day Scandal-land, David and Hollis are battling it out over the election rigging scandal. David is threatening Hollis but I can't help but feel worried for David. Hollis is one sketchy sonofabitch.

   photo youindanger_zps6c636bcc.gif

Back at The White House, Mellie is still reeling from Fitz asking for a divorce. She goes to Cyrus and screams and acts crazy. Nothing unusual there. You can't even blame her cray on her hormones. Cyrus says he'll fix it, but you know this is how he really feels

 photo missny-frustrated_zps79b6ddca.gif

Olivia is dealing with her own personal crisis since Mr. Puddin Pops asked her to marry him.
 He liked it, girl and he's TRYIN to put a ring on it

 photo putaringonit_zps7f68b878.gif

 Hardison think's it's a good idea, she'll be the wife of a senator. But Abby delivers the best line she's  had this whole damn series. "Please, the husband of Olivia Pope"

 photo praise_zps32ac9aef.gif

Before Olivia can get her thoughts together, Hollis comes bursting in guns blazing. He blames Olivia for David's snooping and tells her to fix it. LyQuinn is pissed that the guy that killed her boo just came in and Liv's not doing anything about it.

I know this is how we all feel about LyQuinn.
 photo shetup_zpse83ab658.gif

Liv's got this shit....or does she?

Meanwhile, Cyrus is busy trying to keep Fitz from divorcing his pregnant wife. He actually makes sense, but Fitz is like   

 photo hatersgonhate_zps18ef2ff8.gif

 Liv decides to go to Cyrus about the Hollis problem but she's at a loss. She's tired of all the lies. Cryus says he's got it. Which can only mean one thing for Hollis

 photo youindanger_zps6c636bcc.gif

I know I already used this but it's just so perfect!

It seems as if Olivia has finally reached her breaking point. The guilt of her betrayal is tearing her apart. Instead of being fierce and fabulous, she hides out in her bed. I hate hate hate seeing her like this.

. photo nomegusta_zpsc3e589ff.gif 

 Then Fitz calls and tells her the news about asking Mellie for a divorce. Olivia doesn't react at all. Then he asks her to wait for him. No reply and she hangs up the phone on him. I couldn't help but feel both of these emotions

   photo unacceptable_zpsd6b7f196.gif photo dramaticcry3_zps2888d418.gif

SIDEBAR. I know this may be an unpopular (or popular) opinion but I NEEDS to see Liv and Fitz together. They are soooooo good together. Yes they are adulterers and liars. I get that, but c'mon their chemistry is electric! Can this just happen already? This is television. I am allowed to condone cheating for a fake couple. END SIDEBAR.

Then Pudding Pops comes in and makes shit worse. Liv tells him to go away. LOVE IT. So he decides to go to Pope and Assoc. and ask for help. LyQuinn decides to take action and says they need to be the fixers/gladiators Liv trained them to be and to fix this shit. I'll say this again...I wouldn't trust LyQuinn to fix a broken press on, let alone someone's life.


 photo exasperated_zpse664b656.gif 

 They start telling each other and basically find out that the Presidential election was rigged and Liv was in on the whole time! We also find out that Becky is the reason LyQuinn thought her boo was cheating on her. Like we didn't already know that...

   photo shecray_zpsd4223ecc.gif

 Huck being the bestest of besties goes to see Liv and tells her the team is trying to fix things. I really find it amazing they haven't figured out she was boning Fitz yet...anyways...he crawls in to bed with her and everyone is like....

 photo awwww_zps6d0f3205.gif

 Huck also tells her that if she lets Cyrus handle Hollis things might get a little messy. So now Liv finally knows that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed.

   photo ohshit_zpsf355414e.gif 

 She decides the only way to prevent anymore murders is to blow the lid on Hollis and his involvement Fitz's attempted assassination.Hollis is arrested and Cyrus flips the hell out. He tells Liv to her to get her shit together for the sake of "The Republic". Turning Hollis in can only mean that he's going to blow the lid on the election rigging. I mean we already knew he was little loose in the head but his tirade totally proved that.

 photo calmdownbro_zps40be7b08.gif

Olivia is kind of back in her IDGAF mode and the team works together to prove that Hollis paid Becky to kill Fitz. Huck goes to visit Becky and tells her he's going to get a lawyer for her but he needs her bank account info. She says he's trying to set her up, so he finally writes down his real name. Unfortunately, the viewers don't know what he writes. She willingly gives up the info. Gotcha! That's right Becky

 photo youaintish_zps645ee08f.gif 

 Meanwhile, in crazytown, Mellie after one last desperate plea for Cyrus to talk sense into Fitz, she thinks that giving birth early will make him stay with her. So she convinces her OBGYN to induce labor. Fitz comes rushing to her side and Mellie finally thinks her man is gonna stand by her for all time. Ugh

 photo bs_zpsd3ca7480.gif

 Yes I know, I'm a terrible person, but Mellie sucks. Sorrynotsorry.

We also find out that although Hollis did pay cray Becky to blow up LyQynn's boo, he was NOT the one to authorize Fitz's assassination! 

 I present to you my seven stages of reaction to this news.

 photo PLLshocked_zps55f6fedd.gif 

 photo tumblr_lmhn9vfeHB1qii6tmo1_500_zpsda4a10be.gif

THREE: I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!! photo drink_zps63472e1e.gif 


 photo stressedout_zps3ec7d32c.gif

FIVE: WHAT???? (again)

 photo oprahsaywhat_zps7264d70c.gif


 photo DONE_zps2d94d976.gif


 photo curiousgif_zps61b7df1d.gif 

So that was the big bombshell of the night along with the cliffhanger of Hollis taking his elevator ride to hell (literally he gon die there). And this is really all I have to say about Thursday's episode.

 photo icant_zpsf08f3560.gif

Well there you have it. Scandal is one hell of a roller coaster ride. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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